Episode #028 - Ansung Natural Resort

Broadcast Date: 2011-01-30 (filmed on 2011-01-17)

Location: Ansung Natural Resort (Juksan-myeon, Anseong, Gyeonggi-do)

Description: This episode takes place at a spa and the special guest is known for his acrobatic stunts. Running Man members must find him among other people at the spa and do diet karaoke and stunt challenges against Kim Byung-man.

Rating: 14.3%

Watches: 44 (abdul, alec, amanda, andrew, blackanfuni, bonzai, caesarsalad, caleefornia, catanacatarina, clarasim, devilnoangel, geng2010, gray1701, haroldonvu, heika, impiety, jenny2255, jjstorm, kaue10686, ks, markuee37, maulvader, mayace, mayday, meshiie, msmeyt94, naruy, naynow, neverendthishow, olivias, rm012, rudi1986, rymouchat, sailormoon, sara48, sheri, smoothtoast, styl3, sujulovenl, thameethu, user713, vins, yua, zadael, 5 private users)

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