Episode #132 - Actors (Spy) vs. Singers (Spy)

Alternative Title(s): Double Agent

Broadcast Date: 2013-02-10 (filmed on 2013-01-21)

Location: Asiana Town (Gangseo-gu, Seoul)

Description: There are two teams and a spy has been planted in each. After completing some challenges on the streets, the real action begins when both teams must retrieve money bags and give them to the big boss.

Rating: 14.8%

Watches: 32 (abdul, agata, alec, amanda, andrew, caesarsalad, catanacatarina, geng2010, heika, jenny2255, kaue10686, kaushalbontha, ks, li, linyubear, markuee37, meshiie, monogatari, mquek2000, msmeyt94, mysior, naynow, neverendthishow, olivias, rm012, rudi1986, sheri, smoothtoast, sujulovenl, thameethu, user713, zadael, 2 private users)

Faves: 11 (abdul, andrew, catanacatarina, kaushalbontha, li, minsoo, monogatari, mquek2000, msmeyt94, naynow, thameethu)


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