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Episode #154 - Shanghai Dream Cup 2013

Broadcast Date: 2013-07-14 (filmed on 2013-06-22)

Location: Hongkou Football Stadium (Shanghai, China)

Description: A soccer superstar is introduced and various challenges are held between two teams (ttakji, straw soccer, acupressure rope skipping, and a header match). The winner of each match receives a ticket allowing the soccer superstars to select a Running Man member to compete in the Dream Cup soccer match. A hilarious free-kick photozone challenge is held where the opposing team gets to kick the ball against the other team who must be smiling in the photo. The highlight of this episode is at the end where the actual Dream Cup is held.

Rating: 15.3%

Watches: 269 (abdul, abubakaz, adler08, aerenzn, agata, agnetiks, aiha79, ailexeen, akmalwan, alec, alexzheng, alliric, amanda, ancoraimparo, andresugito07, andrew, angelicious, animeln, anta, ariacyj, arijones91, asiabreanna, astrosprinkle, ayalungiii, blackanfuni, brightside, buepo, bullettime, bungkoes, caesarsalad, callistawize, carelyn, careychua, catanacatarina, cchow97, champion, chanhalzkie, chapalin, chenhau, chevroletimpala3, d1luvrm, daskaelj, deadead, delios, demonlordie, devilnoangel, duenally, dzuhn, earvin19, eirkuys, emloverm, exolola, extremeprobro, fishwhiskers, fjthomas, fodorklara, foxxi, frozenization, geng2010, girafa, gray1701, hashtagidontknow, hecate86, heebae, heika, ichiro73, iman0701, isodynamix, itsamizer, itzsamuel, ivanh12, jaein, jasclaire, jclements, jeazzyy, jennifer, jenny2255, jeongyeon, jiahengk, jimmylops, jjampong, jjstorm, jlnguyen392, joeykangaroo, jordonkhoo, jwangathan, jwong02, kai091, kateftksj2, kaushalbontha, kazechi, ken, kenneeh148, key, kimtaehyuk, kitsuto9012, kle, kmanlapig, ks, lamchop365, lapago49, lawrencehsj, leandermf, leonid, linkpretender, linyubear, littlewayz, logiburr, lonky, louberthe, lucyestern, mackers27, magggsi, markuee37, maroram, matchu, matthew, maulvader, maycry159, mayday, merckens, mercuryfm, meshiie, missblank, motr8la, mrajusshi, msmeyt94, mushmon, myst, mzfmin, naruy, naynow, neverendthishow, nikonface12, ninalatei, njabagat, nocklife, notjod, nottoshabby98, nyrely, olivias, onnahime, ouchie, pasteijin, patrycja2000, phatk, philkim, pijonghoo, pinkmochi, poemyboy, poisondart, porgand, r0blovespizza, rainn, raywong18, reaperiosyt, reoerica, ricanfire94, rizzychung, rm012, rmancan, rockdiamond222, rudi1986, runningmanong, runningmanph, runrunrunrun, ryan1597, ryanarc08, sailormoon, sananwar, sandra10ung, sara48, sarahashley, sarcaei, seyten, shaikha11, shamentari, sheri, shockery, smoothtoast, soeyannaung123444, solomonher, sparkyk13, sujulovenl, sun, sweetblack, tatabsales, thameethu, theahuramazda, tine21somia, trollmaster, urixingdae, us3n3t, user713, valaha, victoriz, wall, watermelonkoala, xepyonx, ysasdiary, yuina, yuriaik0, zadael, zallone, zee, zunzelf, 63 private users)

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