Episode #555 - Smart Escape Race, Empty Head Land

Broadcast Date: 2021-05-16 (filmed on 2021-04-12)

Location: SBS Prism Tower (Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul)

Watches: 208 (achayls, aciel, aiyaz, akmalwan, alexzheng, aljumanji, altriane, aminaash, ancoraimparo, anta, apopolypse, applesauce, asiaprince, astrosprinkle, ayeayeron, basilkate, bigbosshardfacts, buscusting, callmetom, chapalin, connor, creyslz, cyc421, dayz, deigue, dendenden02, deshivy, df1145, dho8202, dilatorily, duhrduhr, dunkelbluete, dyrz, emilyhu, entropix, ermago, eudatg, fashionnom2, fatamorgana21, fatou, filianalter, fx99, gabsama, gith, gloss, gomb, grayphantom, gxiuya, hamburglar, handogdoug, harris5995, hecate86, hrjaems, hyams, hyejoo, iloveyok, iman0701, imreallydumb, indy, intotheunknown, itzsamuel, jaein, jas, jaywon, jeanellet, jeazzyy, jennifer, jeongie, jeongyeon, jetalone, jiniwini, jl050503, josh, joy2816, jumonjii, justinntyne, jwgmyg, kappa026, kaushalbontha, kazechi, kertor, kexopop, key, khuynh180, kryptoxnoob, kucinkampung, kwangsoojuice, lalagen, lamchop365, lawrencehsj, leonid, linlinnd23, lionel, liyahikonic, lucyestern, luro, mandu, marebear, maulvader, meowlenne, mhy, mikewangsa, minthetkhine, misterliyum, mncylrmanalastas, mojojako19, monkeyqueen0j0, monsuta8, mrkimi80, myst, nerumin, nikhilagubbala, niuxvip, njabagat, nowarzz, nuno, opepreo, philkim, picle, pijonghoo, pikaboo14, poisondart, popcornpopscorn, rainn, raiszaha, restalious, rielmrdch, rmjack, rockdiamond222, runnercho2, runrunrun, ryan1597, sakura18, saolo, scifrobacito, shana08, shwcsmack, sincerelysire, skawngurl, slowcraik, sm1hkh, snowinter, solomonher, sparkler1, sparkyk13, steve7h3ripper, sunny8751, sweetblack, syahir99, sylveonanimation, synphonia, tephteph, theahuramazda, thebaybabe, tiwk, toejimon, trashboat, u12345, vaishnavi42, verandrea, verunai, victoria, vimzie, vincentd1, vinodpoovaiah, xepyonx, yrapamuspusan, yuina, yuriaik0, zallone, zexus, zhc2007, zuchat, 35 private users)

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