Episode #060 - TruGary Show

Broadcast Date: 2011-09-11 (filmed on 2011-08-29)

Location: D-Cube City (Sindorim-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul)

Rating: 13.3%

Watches: 106 (adler08, aerenzn, afirakokie, alec, alexzheng, amanda, angelicious, animeln, blackanfuni, bonzai, brightside, buepo, burningmetal, caesarsalad, caleefornia, catanacatarina, chaosbulldog, curvytangerine, devilnoangel, ehsoplasm, eirkuys, elititans, epic, erazuret, fishwhiskers, geng2010, gray1701, hats, heika, iman0701, indy, itsamizer, jacqueline2000, jennifer, jenny2255, jimsoggybottom, jjstorm, joy2816, jpiquero000, kaue10686, kaushalbontha, kimtaehyuk, ks, li, littlewayz, louberthe, madfaerie, markuee37, maulvader, mayace, meshiie, missblank, mmmlll, msmeyt94, naruy, naynow, neverendthishow, nimae13, notjod, okkulus, olivias, onnahime, pasteijin, philkim, rezso12, ricanfire94, rm012, rudi1986, ryanarc08, ryesims, rymouchat, sailormoon, sandra10ung, sawasin, sheri, shockery, smoothtoast, soeyannaung123444, spiffggg, standnthrow, sujulovenl, thameethu, trollmaster, undesconocido, user713, vins, wilbeback, yuina, yuriaik0, zadael, zuchat, 15 private users)

Faves: 44 (231soyj, amaliahm79, angelicious, angelloverm, bonzai, burningmetal, catanacatarina, chaosbulldog, ehsoplasm, elyschneider, erazuret, helmuthampton, indy, jennifer, jimsoggybottom, joeykangaroo, jpiquero000, kaushalbontha, kmc5883, kucinkampung, lara, lexi982, metro, mimihalfway, mmmlll, msmeyt94, nikhilagubbala, notjod, pasteijin, petey413, quecobayamasguarra, rezso12, rm012, rymouchat, sailormoon, spartace, suiro, thameethu, wilbeback, 5 private users)

Appearances (0): none



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