Episode #421 - Dangerous Delivery (4)

Broadcast Date: 2018-10-07 (filmed on 2018-09-17)

Location: BIFF Square (Nampo-dong, Gudeok-ro, Busan)

Description: The race is not over yet! In order to complete their mission of 100, Jae Seok and Seok Jin have been doing various and random part-time jobs such as cycling and cleaning see-through floors. This time, they go net fishing, and Kwang Soo tags along as well. Meanwhile, Team Seoul is having a hard time finishing their vacation plans.

Watches: 24 (abdul, alec, alexzheng, bbbbbbbrrrrrrr, bonzai, burningmetal, cation0, chaosbulldog, chenhau, daisyannatan88, daskaelj, epic, haroldonvu, heronico, iman0701, indy, itzsamuel, jennifer, philkim, restalious, xshade, yhancy07, yua, zadael, 1 private user)

Faves: 7 (alexzheng, bonzai, chaosbulldog, daisyannatan88, jennifer, kucinkampung, redqn)


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