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#371 - Tiger Moth Tour (2)

2017-10-08 7.7%

No guests

chuseok eating food indonesia international kwangmin livebroadcast noguests penalty roulette sweetsomin unluckykwangsoo vjbloopers wet

This week, the Running Man members continue with the Tiger Moth Tour Truth Game. They finally get to see Kwang Soo and So Min ride the cable car in Indonesia. Will the members be able to guess correctly?


#454 - The Devil Wears Running Shirts, Part 1

2019-06-02 6.2%

No guests

9thanniversary bustalk dance drawing noguests quiz stealing teasingseokjin waterballoon wet

This week, the members develop the ideas about the presents that they'll be giving out to their fans at the fan-meet that will be held in about two months. Also, they start to practice a group dance performance that they will put on at the fan-meet. To teach dance to the members, a famous instructor joins the show.


#649 - Do You Know Beautiful Scholars?

2023-04-09 4.3%

Kang Hoon Shin Ye-eun

dancing drawing guessthedrawing mustwatch penalty photo slip spy strawberrygame waterslap wet


#661 - Forget-About-Age Party

2023-07-02 3.7%

Lee Joo-heon (Monsta X) Yun Sung-bin

athleteguests bestof2023 goodguests idol kjkbeastmode mongdol trivia watergame wet


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