Episodes with 'waterslap' (4)


#099 - Kings Race

2012-06-17 17.4%

Im Ho Lee Tae-gon

cat spy waterslap


#166 - The Heirs

2013-10-06 12.1%

Choi Jin-hyuk Kim Woo-bin Park Shin-hye

heirs pool rich water waterslap yooneunhyeteasing


#439 - Survive To The End

2019-02-17 6.7%

Hong Jin-young

bomb eat food guess money random spartace waterslap

In this episode, the members divide into two teams. Team Jae Seok and Team Jong Kook select Korean traditional food in order. As they move on to the next restaurant, their budget gets reduced. The teams get to cut a wire on the opponent team's bomb as they clear each step. During the missions, members visit a special friend. Stay tuned to find out which team wins!


#601 - The Decisive Punch


Byeon Woo-seok Joo Woo-jae Park Kyung-hye

bustalk debate goodconcept goofyguests lovefrogsomin mentionofkwangsoo personalstories playfuljaeseok ripnametag spartace sticker waterslap yooneunhyeteasing


What's New (2019-05-31): added ability to download episodes (starting with ep. 423) via Bittorrent! Please seed for other fans :)
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