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#415 - Birthday Race

2018-08-26 8.0%

Lee Sang-yeob Noh Sa-yeon

betrayal birthday bromance court crazykwangsoo debate grimreaper judge luckyjihyo personalstories

Jae Seok, Haha, and Ji Hyo's birthdays are in August. For this week, Seok Jin, Jong Kook, Se Chan, So Min, and Kwang Soo are called in and told to choose between a birthday cake and a birthday punch. They are divided into teams by their choices, and each team is given an opposite goal. The failing team will suffer an incredible penalty. Which team will fail with their mission? Stay tuned to find out!


#522 - America vs Asia, The Trade King

2020-09-27 5.8%

Ailee Joon Park (g.o.d) Kangnam (M.I.B) Yiren (Everglow)

betrayal betrayers debate idols membersfunnystories personalstories ripnametag tax

This week, the members are divided into three teams – Team America, Team Asia, and Team Customs – to play in the Trade King Race. Each team needs to earn as much money as possible to become the final winner. The guests joining Team America are Joon Park and Ailee. The guests joining Team Asia are Kangnam and Yiren of EVERGLOW. Who will be the winning team this week? Stay tuned to find out!


#543 - Running Man Investment Contest: Genius Investors

2021-02-21 5.7%

No guests

badjihyo bestofsechan blackpink candyalliance cavewomanjihyo debate investing investments lies mustsee mustwatch noguests stocks tricks unlucky

The Running Man members enter into an investment contest. They begin with 500 dollars of R money each and enter the stock market of 2011. As they progress toward the year 2020, which is the year that the contest will end, the members with varying degrees of experience in stocks are tempted by all kinds of information. Stay tuned to find out who ends up earning the most R money.


#544 - Suk Jin's Day, It's Time to Find the Gold

2021-02-28 6.2%

No guests

birthday cheaterkwangsoo debate funny goodfeeling grace investing investments jihyoandjaesuk noguests stocks teasingseokjin unluckyseokjin

The Running Man Investment Contest goes on with Se Chan in the lead. As the members make their investments based on the information they gather and their instincts, it becomes a matter of who will be in last place. After the Investment Contest, the Running Man members get together to celebrate Seok Jin’s birthday and begin a new race.


#577 - The Rehabilitation Project, Icon of Misfortune


Kim Jun-ho

bodysecrets cutejihyo debate playfuljaeseok redlightgreenlight russianroulette spartace teasingjongkook yooneunhyeteasing


#601 - The Decisive Punch


Byeon Woo-seok Joo Woo-jae Park Kyung-hye

bustalk debate goodconcept goofyguests lovefrogsomin mentionofkwangsoo personalstories playfuljaeseok ripnametag spartace sticker waterslap yooneunhyeteasing


#639 - The Sly Rabbit


An Yu-jin (IVE) Gaeul (IVE) Jang Won-young (IVE) Leeseo (IVE) Liz (IVE) Rei (IVE)

bustalk debate eating food idols ive restaurant spy


#643 - A Day of Butlers, Part 1


Cha Tae-hyun Yoo Yeon-seok

butler coins cooking debate eating food funguests funnyguests hahaplayful mustwatch roulette survey


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