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Bae Suzy (배수지)

A member of: miss A

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bae_Suzy

Faves: 42 (akmalwan, alvis000, bzou, callistawize, catanacatarina, codeenamjoohyuk, cyphery, duenally, ehsoplasm, enet, frozenization, gabsama, giraffe, gloss, graymuffin, huangrenjun, ilvic, jagoapi, jennifer, jimsoggybottom, kucinkampung, lazyassedhunter, lime02, logiburr, lovenote, matthew, myst, nocklife, nowarzz, phampagnepapi, pijonghoo, rm012, ryan1597, scarnation, sunlitrain, theahuramazda, verunai, xg, zmoser, 3 private users)

In 9 episodes:


What's New (2019-05-31): added ability to download episodes (starting with ep. 423) via Bittorrent! Please seed for other fans :)
Statistics (as of 2020-12-02):
  • 531 episodes, 936 guests, 1065 streams, 899 tags, 3 to reup
  • 5777 users, 134412 watches, 25206 favorites, 7075 plans to watch